All by Myself

2023-09-04 Marrre 0

I used to travel solo all the time back in the day. With Caroline not getting more than four weeks off work and therefore flying […]

Runaway Train

2023-08-31 Marrre 0

Drive days don’t need to be dud days. Great scenery and short leg stretchers can be very decompressing, be they from buses, trains or automobiles. […]

Mt Hood, stealing from the rich mountains, and giving to the poor.

Come as you are

2023-08-25 Marrre 1

The change in climate was as obvious as the one in culture. Although the weather was as nice and sunny as it had been on […]

I feel like I ought to be playing chess with Death

A farewell to ice

2023-08-15 Marrre 0

The Golden Circle would take us back to the beginning. The south and southwest coast attracts many a tourist, and for good reasons. Nature, wildlife, […]

My Heart Will Go On

2023-08-12 Marrre 2

Back from the remote highlands, we were back in the more accessible parts of Iceland. Not too touristy, yet, but getting more crowded by the […]

Puffin’ on the Ritz

2023-07-31 Marrre 2

A full truck of varying nationalities and ages disembarked Reykjavik campsite at nothing o’clock in the morning, heading northwest, toward Snaefellsnes Peninsula. We got a […]

Sun Voyager

Hot N Cold

2023-07-26 Marrre 0

The time-card delivered, the backpacks packed and the post-work-pre-trip tequila was had. Time to leave! Danish Delights Unusually, the trip didn’t start with getting to […]

Ice Ice Baby

2023-07-17 Marrre 3

  Finally, the borders are open again!Even if we don’t count the two lockdown years, it’s been way, way, WAY too long since we hit […]