Dept of photography, pictures and digital imprints
What causes people to build empires? How can millions, billions of people from a multitude of different cultures work together under one patriotic umbrella?
How do you go about keeping the incredibly vast expanses together? Well, basically, just do what mankind does: appoint a committee and form a department!
Dept of transportationDept of human resourcesDept of paganism, superstition and colourful ribbonsDept of culture, history and cultural history
Vast empires need functioning infrastructure, on which ggods and people can be transported. Thus, department of transportationAn empire is absolutely nothing without its citizens. Therefore, there's an entire department dedicated to that most important aspect of society, the department of human resourcesKeeping the population in check is of course easier with promises of eternal bliss in some afterlife. Therefore, the department of paganism, superstition and colourful ribbonsHistorically, empires rely on a reasonably shared culture. It creates a coherent history, which feeds consistent culture. As such, the Department of culture, history and cultural history is not at all redundant
5Dept of eating, drinking and munchingDept of City planning, engineering and architecture8
Dept of nature, wildlife and landscapesDept of eating, drinking and munchingDept of City planning, engineering and architectureDept of miscellaneously assorted motlies
Any reasonably vast empire must contain some sparsely populated areas, and will therefore have its fair share of wilderness. Thus, department of dept of nature, wildlife and landscapesWhether pressure cooking a camel's knee for a couple of hours, offering complimentary vodkas or collecting various insects for the nibbling, keeping the population from starving is crucial to any budding empire. Thus, Dept of eating, drinking and munchingRunning a vast empire is serious business. Urban planning is crucial for sustaining stability in any society, and thus, Dept of City planning, engineering and architecture.A not insignificant number of unpredicted or deemed irrelevant obstacles can eventually tumble an empire, and occassionally they need to be dealt with in some catch-all process. Where better, then, to funnel them than the department of of miscellaneously assorted motlies?